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Dr. Amin Y. Ghanem

General Manager - MENA Region


Dr. Ghanem serves as the general manager for all Masada-related projects in the Middle East and northern Africa.

He is founder and CEO of Assurity Satellite Technologies, LLC, Caredwara Space Systems and Vantage Corp.

In the aerospace industry, Dr. Ghanem has facilitated the development of new communications satellite programs and networks and has acted on behalf of the US Department of Commerce and Boeing to secure major airliner orders from foreign carriers.

Dr. Ghanem has 30 years of commercial and residential property investment and development experience in Europe and the US and has 18 years of experience as a teaching and practicing surgeon in Europe, where he is founder of and investor in a chain of specialty surgery centers.

Dr. Ghanem holds a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Valencia (Spain), an MBA from Mercer University, and a PhD and MD from the University of Barcelona (Spain).

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